Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Marvel Comic Book Makeup

Design by a MAC make-up artist , how amazing !


Independent Queen said...

Hurmmm looks like more of having a chicken pox? hehe :P

kenwooi said...

lol yeah.. chicken pox.. =P


gibby said...

It's not so much Marvel Comics as it Roy Lichenstein Style. Marvel doesn't do renderings like that.

ThePete said...

Yeah, Gibby's right--I only came to this blog because someone else reblogged the same misconception that this was somehow inspired by a Marvel comic.

Roy Lichtenstein is famous for art like this that mimics the way all comic books got printed at one point (or most comics--I'm not an historian, just a former comic fan). Here's a google image search for his art: http://is.gd/4QAmN

I hope YieTze can update the post to reflect this.

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