Friday, October 2, 2009

Louis Vuitton City Guide 2009

The 2009 edition explores 32 European cities in 9 booklets through some 7,000 addresses. An indispensible companion for the urban traveller, the Louis Vuitton City Guide now features clear and practical maps and – for its tenth birthday – is offering an intimate encounter with various figures who give a unique perspective on their city. Guide available at Louis Vuitton for $145.

Mumbai,Tokyo,New York,Miami,Paris $ 38 each . Guide available at Louis Vuitton .

Louis Vuitton has developed its collection of guides and for the first time – presents five individual volumes devoted to five cities of the world: Mumbai, Miami, New York, Paris, and Tokyo. A vibrant celebration of city life, the Louis Vuitton City Guide tirelessly seeks out new cities to explore, and regularly renews its acquaintance with others, scrupulously updating its information and addresses with every edition. In 2009, the City Guide visits 32 European cities, including six new destinations: Bucharest, Glasgow, Lausanne, Manchester, Palermo and Saint-Tropez.

via ilvoelv

If the contents are really useful , i don't mind to buy :)


Kyo Jong said...

Awww, Louis Vuitton! My favourite brand XD! Is it US currency? I hope I can buy all of those guide books as one of my collection. XD !

YieTze said...

yupe , this is in US currency :) hope you will able to get it as soon as possible :)

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