Saturday, September 12, 2009

Creative Horror Photo Manipulations by Zhang Peng photography

Zhang Peng was born in 1981. He lives and works in Beijing. Zhang Peng’s photography takes young, vulnerable women and girls as its central theme. There is a profound sense of sorrow and empathy that is evoked in his haunting images of doll-like girls sitting timidly on richly-colored settees and in bloody bathtubs. Their indescribable expressions of hurt and vulnerability leave the viewer unsettled, disconcerted and heavy hearted.

Via 2fotoz

Click here to Zhang Peng Art

This is a bit scary to me , but i like the innovating idea he have here .


Nicholas Leong said...

Some really scary shots there but the execution of the theme is perfect.

chris gangitano: COMUNICAREARTE said...

great, one of my fav photographer - contemporary artist ZhangPeng!!! . you may follow also my blog, would be interested for you. about pop cultures and east and weastern relations in

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