Monday, September 7, 2009

Show Off Your Handbag :)

Imagine walking around with an art installation hanging from your arm, you don't have to actually imagine because Prada's new Lady K bag is exactly that. It's a divine and devious combination of fatal fabulousness, a mixture that is reminiscent of Damien Hirst's diamond encrusted skull. The bag was created by Dutch artist, Ted Noten, for Prada. It has a chrome handle, with a textile, and then there is a plexi-glassesque part which a gold plated gun & bullet is embedded in.
The Lady K bag is part of a larger collection by Noten. It has come under some controversy for it's violent subtext, but what the hell, if you've ever been to a sample sale you know fashion can get very violent! Mama, go head and get ya gun!

Via nyfashionconnect

Its time to show everyone what you have there :)


Claudette said...

Wow I would die for one of these! They are so original.

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