Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cube Dude by Augus Maclane

CubeDude Homer J. Simpso
CubeDude Jack Skellington
CubeDude Ronald

CubeDude Optimus Prime

CubeDude Robocop

CubeDude Bumblebee

CubeDude Wolverine

CubeDude Voltron

CubeDude Batman

CubeDude Raphael

CubeDude T-800

CubeDude Superman

Angus Maclane’s Lego ‘Cube Dudes’ have got to be some of the finest examples of creative vision manifesting itself in 3D reality that we’ve seen in a while. Every pop culture icon from Homer J Simpson to Darth Vader is included in Maclane’s exhaustive collection of mini-figs. His ability to capture each characters unique features whilst maintaining a consistent stylist approach is outstanding and a sight to behold…

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Nard said...

This is something! cool!

VTSS vince said...


Tony Wan said...

LOL... Very very nice!

I love your post!

Haha.... The toys are just very creative... I love them! Will recommend your post to many of my friends :D

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