Sunday, August 2, 2009

Vagina Pendant !!

click here to buy
"Celebrate your own beauty"
via VulvaLoveLovely's shop

Oh my god , Vagina pendant !! I would said , " it is really creative "
However , it will be too much for muslim country i guess :_|
Anyway , this is an art ! art is unlimited :)


daph said...

haha omg. i dunno.. they scare me. hahaha. and yes definitely a bit much for muslim countries i'm sure.

XtasyM said...


Erm... why dont they make virgin vigina... its like all those pendent are "highly used" vagina =.=

daph said...

after visiting the shop, i realised that all these pendants are custom-made!! wow. that IS quite cool. but i'm not sure i'll wear it around my neck still lol. but their other merchandise are pretty cool :D

YieTze said...

XtasyM : they actually made various shape and colors of vagina , you should take a look on their online shop .

daph : You seem like very interesting to the pendant: P ( me too , haha )
Why don't i buy this for you birthday or x'mas :PPP

Boon said...

WAAAAAAAAAA nice. hahahha

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