Thursday, August 6, 2009

Romance Was Born Australian Spring/Summer 2009/10 ...

Via romance was born official website

More tears of sorrow than joy fall at Australian Fashion Week but the ebullient evolution of Romance Was Born elicited carefree crying from an enthralled front row. Neptune and nanas collided with a show at the Sydney Theatre Company wharf set against a background of underwater treasures and knick-knacks. From the first sighting of a pair of shorts with an oyster and pearl print, paired with an ivory blouse with pearl buttons, it was obvious that Romance Was Born was moving towards wearable pieces without sacrificing creativity. Even looking beneath the knitted squid headpiece (you did read that correctly) there were detailed dresses with playful prints by Patrick Doherty. Shell artist Esme Timbery's work added to the surreal undersea effect. Men with doily beards and shell encrusted bum bags, shorts and knitting bags with a print of crochet blankets were both amusing and appealing. The execution of the hair and make-up (love the pearl encrusted nails), transforming models into mermaid Dolly Partons and seductive sirens turned what could easily have been a student outing into a master class. Via Vogue Australia

You should check out the full collections in their website .
Its a fairy tale fashion show i would said .


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