Saturday, August 8, 2009

Looking for a nice little time-waster this weekend

The objective of PixelPop is simple. You just stand there in your hot pink Japanese super hero leotard, gyrating your hips to the music. Watermelons fly by and you karate chop them as they whiz past. Sounds like a typical day to me.

All you do is click the mouse to the beat of the music to chop them in half. Simple enough, right? As the game progresses, the fruit starts flying fast and furiously, and the the watermelons are replaced with just slightly more elusive apples. Oh yeah, and if you happen to try and karate-chop one of those flying bombs – here’s what you’ll see…

Click here and play Nitrome

via technobob


Adele said...

Looks like a cute game to have fun with! ^^

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