Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Finger puppet

" I am angry pizza"
Pizza is angry. He's tired of getting called things like...Hey You...and What? You're a Talking Pizza? He hates when people call him that.
Sauce...cheese...pepperoni. You'd think he's got it made. He doesn't. He needs more. He needs a relationship. He needs love. He needs you

"I am bedazzled tampon, He's only upset because he's not bedazzleder! "

"I am Potato :P"

"I am toilet paper :)"

Via staceyrebecca's

haha ..they are all cute !! not an ordinary finger puppets but they do have feeling !! I LOVE THEM !!


Helen Hunt said...

This is a very lovely blog you have here.
I just thought I would come and see your blog after you left a comment on mine.

Thanks for your kind words and hope you drop in again soon :)

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