Monday, August 17, 2009

"Diner Ensemble Necklace" by Sarah Peters

Who knew you could be so fashionably envious of someone who can only wear one dress for an entire year? Back in May Sheena Matheiken began The Uniform Project to encourage and promote sustainable fashion, and also to raise money for children's education in India through the Akanksha School Project Foundation, so far having raised over $8,000.

Armed with seven dresses and a daring imagination — not to mention a plethora of donated, vintage, hand-made, and recycled items — Matheiken spontaneously accessorizes every single day with something new, chronicling each outfit on her blog. Although monetary donations are encouraged, some of the best outfits so far include donations from artists like the "Diner Ensemble Necklace" by Sarah Peters (above), which of course is available on her Etsy store. In October, Matheiken's previously-worn clothing will be auctioned off to further raise money for the Akanksha foundation.

Via eatmedaily


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