Friday, August 7, 2009

Bark Translator Tells What Your Dog Wants

The device, which was unveiled at the International Tokyo Toy Show 2009, is said to work best on adult dogs.

The £129 gadget, produced by Takara Tomy, has a microphone that is placed around the dog's neck and a hand-held unit-operating device for pet owners to carry.

When the dog barks, the microphone records the sound and transmits the data to the owner's wireless hand-held device, which then 'translates' it.

A speech synthesizer reads out the dog's intentions, which also appears on the screen of the gadget.

An answering machine function can also record your pet's expressions of desire when owners are absent.

The model was first created seven years ago by Dr Matsumi Suzuki and sold more than 300,000 units, but the latest version will be the first to include sound.

It will hit the shops in on August 27.

via trendupdate

Oh ... good for those japanese dogs lovers ! Hopefully they will produce others language soon .


DC said...

There's a ang moh version called Bowlingual.

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