Friday, July 31, 2009

Lasonic iPod Boombox i931


Surely the ultimate in retro chic, the Lasonic IPOD Boonbox is set for imminent release at Honeyee in Black and White. The box controls your ipod in the same way as previous docks, with the addition of buil-in FM radio . You're also provided with an adapter to fit the nano, mini and previous generation ipods. A USB port and SD/MMC slot for MP3 playback . You also provided with AV output for Ipod video. Packed into this urban ghetto blaster are 12W speakers with EQ adjustment and the option to plug in, or power up with batteries (so you can rock it on your shoulder, Old Skool.) Via hypebeast

picture via gizmodo

This is how your ipod slip in . Exactly the same with 

how the old cassette player did , COOL !

I really love this Ipod Boombox so much !! 

Love the design and his technology :) PERFECT  

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