Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hamster can RACE ????!!! Critter Cruiser and Hamtrack

Guaranteed to get some jealous looks..hahah ..

How its work ???

1. Pop your critter in the wheel
2.Attach wheel to position 1 on the car
3.Move the spoiler from the back to the front
4.Watch him drive away into the sunset

Each Critter Cruiser features a 3-way adjustable exercise wheel to suit your pet's energy level. You can even pimp your critter's ride with the included sticker set. Totally fo shizzle, man!

Available in 4 different coloursPimp your ride with included stickers!

Oh ..i raelly love this things!! it make the hamsters look really cool !!!
Click here to buy


yenniedoll said...

lol, i saw this before in the pet shop... O_O

Issey said...! haha

Boon said...

oh man.. that's interesting!

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