Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Openaire : Genius design for ur notebook !

Openaire is a hybrid of a laptop carrying case, work surface, and chair. The system consists of a semi-rigid protective sleeve designed as an ergonomic laptop work surface and a protective shell that also functions as a comfortable seat. Together, they offer the portability and comfort to support work anywhere.

NICK+BEAU is a collaboration between brothers, Nick and Beau Trincia
Source from here

It is genius !! how i wish i can have one so that i can use it on MRT :P HO HO HO ..



wah this is really nice...

use on MRT? i imagine you put the foldable chair on the floor?

i would like one too, but i don't have a laptop...

lionel0008 said...

Looks cool. If only my laptop was not stolen....BTW, I think I saw a similar concept in a KFC ad but it's walking while while using a laptop.Wonder if that's real.

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