Monday, June 29, 2009

Damien Poulain Captures History


Viktor & Rolf

Gareth Pugh




TV Test Card

Comme des Garcons

Acid House

The illustrator and graphic artist Damien Poulain has distilled significant events in politics and popular culture into toy-like objects for his his latest exhibition, Totem 49, at the Kemistry Gallery. Everything from the fall of the Berlin Wall to Britney's shaved head has been represented here, leaving us wondering about the new tribes and mythologies that we have created in modern day society. "Totems traditionally serve as the symbol of a family or clan," says the artist. "What interested me was the symbolism of the totem, the fact that a symbol was used by a group of people and worshipped. I wanted to reinterpret that in a contemporary way with our own codes and symbols."

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Issey said...

yoy....very cute

YieTze said...

haha ..yah :O it is cute :P

PoisonKagero said...

Very very nice!!!

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