Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Cage Skirt

The first made of this skirt in a floral version for Susie bubble ,isn't it gorgeos ?

You can customize the print , the buttons for the skirt

The Cage Skirt
You may be thinking, "a skirt that's a cage how the heck do you wear it?!". Well, I think this is one of those pieces that is more of an accessory than an actual garment. You could layer it over skinny jeans, tights or a skirt, or pair it up with a frothy frilly dress and play with contrast a bit. As you can see by the outfits put together by the many lovely bloggers pictured, this piece could be worn in sooooo many ways. It's perfect for someone who likes to challenge fashion conventions a bit, and likes to get creative with their layering.


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